Your Food Lab's Veg Spring Roll BUT HEALTHY | Non-Fried Spring Rolls | Whole Wheat Spring Roll Sheet

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TOPIC: Your Food Lab's Veg Spring Roll BUT HEALTHY | Non-Fried Spring Rolls Recipe | Homemade Whole Wheat Spring Roll Sheets Recipe with Liquid Dough

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Hi Friends,

So I healthified one more delicious and everyone's favorite recipe - Veg Spring Rolls. This is the recipe of Your Food Lab's Veg Spring Rolls which I made healthy.

What is healthy in this recipe?
1. The sheets are made of whole wheat flour. I tried with 100 percent whole wheat flour too but they get cracks on rolling. That's why I added some maida but you can try with whole wheat only too.
2. These spring rolls are non-fried. Wao. I baked these spring rolls and they turned out extremely delicious and crispy.

You must try this healthy, non-fried, and baked veg spring rolls recipe. You will never ever deep fry them.

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Happy cooking.

Love from us
Richa & Jatin

Your Food Lab's veg Spring Rolls -

Time Stamps:

0:00 Introduction
0:16 Batter
1:12 How to Julienne veggies for spring rolls?
2:30 Prepare Stuffing
4:11 Prepare Sheets
5:39 Slurry
5:53 Preheat
6:00 Roll & Bake
7:59 Subscribe
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