You Meet Navilah City. SCIFI medical exam, scalp massage, hair attention, cranial nerve exam! ASMR

You and Dia find yourselves stranded in an underwater Burburan city. Soft spoken personal attention with medical exam, binaural sounds, and lots of visual triggers. If you like stories...I'm a traditionally published scifi author, and the THIRD BOOK IN MY NEODYMIUM SERIES COMES OUT OCTOBER 19th!!! You can get the first book, NEODYMIUM EXODUS, here: A blend of hard biomedical science fiction with multicultural fantasy, NEODYMIUM EXODUS combines the introspection of classics like PERELANDRA with the vibrant boldness of modern best-sellers like THIS ALIEN SHORE. The publisher, Wordfire Press, is owned by StarWars author Kevin J. Anderson! Big deal stuff.

What's it about?

Lem's a mace-wielding teen space-ninja in a universe of sentient insectoids, purple jungles, and insane electromagnetic fields. She solves most problems by hitting harder, and never plays by her enemy's rules - until a vengeful zealot forces her to choose between the fate of the Universe, and the ones she loves.

Crazy, huh? And because you read this far, Imma give you free scifi:

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-- Phone number for suicide helpline US: 1-800-273-8255
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I really hope these resources help; they are evidence-based and they have helped me. If they don't help, go find some that do. Your life matters.

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There, you’ll hear about the deaths that convinced me we’re doing it wrong; my dream to take modern medicine to those who can’t afford it; and ultimately the reason I left the American residency system.

***Jen Finelli is a world-traveling scifi author who's gone swimming with sharks, escaped being locked in a German nunnery, discovered murals and poetry in underground urban caves, explored jungles and coral deserts, and hung out with everyone from dead people and prostitutes to secret political influencers and Senators. She is coping with life as an MD by telling you stories, and when she grows up she’ll be a superhero.

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I'm trying to emulate artists like Amy Kay ASMR, Sheila ASMR, Jellybeangreen ASMR, Goodnight Moon, TirarADeGuello, PowerofSound, FredsVoice, and TingTing. If you like them, maybe you'll like my stuff? There are so many other great ones out there, like JojoASMR, GentleWhispering, K.O. ASMR, and of course I love my buddies like SukoVisionsASMR. But I'm probably more like the first list.
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