You are what you have done throughout your life. How reliable are life course influences on ageing?

Dr. Stéphane Cullati (Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology and Public Health, Population Health Laboratory, University of Fribourg; Medical sociologist at the Division Quality of Care, Department of Readaptation and Geriatrics, University of Geneva) holds this lecture.

The life course epidemiology is an interdisciplinary approach to health resulting from the convergence of interest in social epidemiology, natural sciences (biology, genetics) and social sciences (psychology, sociology, history). It examines the origin of chronic diseases in the past of individuals, considering the duration and timing of exposure to different risk factors, throughout the life of people, from gestation to old age. The life course epidemiology is interested the bio-psycho-social determinants as in environmental and societal influences on the trajectories of health and various diseases, either somatic or psychic.

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Please note: this is the last lecture of the lecture series for 2022.
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