YE and Alex Jones upset the Matrix! - Disney, Balenciaga and more. #RizzaIslam #IntellectualXtremist

Due to the recent interview with Kanye West (YE) on InfoWars with Alex Jones Rizza Islam delves into the deep controversial side of what many could not dialogue about. Evil does exist and those who call it out might not be as "crazy" as some would have you to believe. These companies, organizations, groups, and others who have agendas to abuse children, effeminize men, masculinize women and destroy families must be exposed! I believe what we are witnessing is just that on a large scale - Satan making himself known and the people are finally taking notice.

Here is the interview with YE on InfoWars: https://www.infowars.com/posts/ye-west-alex-jones-break-the-internet-in-must-see-new-interview/

Anything stated that isn't a fact isn't a fact. Of course we don't like Hitler over here nor any of those who have attacked our people. This interview is simply something to analyze if you can handle the truth and leave the nonsense in-between alone.

Rizza Islams interview on InfoWars here:

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