Winter Donovan BROTHER Reacts to SHANQUELLA Robinson Case & his Sister Called the AMBULANCE Report..

Shanquella Robinson Updates: One of her fake friends, Wenter Donovan of the Cabo 6, older brother (same mother & father) had some things to say after the Mexico report differed from what the final examination said which he thinks makes his little sister seem innocent or somehow exonerates her. He think that it shows that the proof is in the building and the 15 minute after theory cant be true. She was listed as the person who called for medical help but also may be the exact person who forced the doctor not to take Quella to the hospital where she should have went if she was still alive. There is a rumor that she was also the one who slammed Shaquella after Daejhanae Jackson. She posted a throwback picture of herself at prom from years ago and captioned it when she used to "off" things which did not age well so the Quella supporters let her have it! Check it out
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