Why Applying To UK Medical School Is So Competitive

https://future-doc.com/free-resources/ How to get into medicine in the UK. Here we offer some help with applying to UK medicine.

The FutureDoc Programme is the complete mentoring programme to coach you through the entire medicine application process. Get 1-ON-1 support through the entire journey to help you get into your first choice medical school. For more information, keep scrolling.

Apply here: https://futuredoc.mykajabi.com/academy

Our success rate
Because of the nature of a programme like this, we've had incredible success by offering help with getting into medicine. Our team of medicine application experts have helped students get into the most competitive medical schools

The reason we have the success we do is mainly down to two things:
1. The method we teach (see further down for an explanation of how that works)
2. Student selection - ensuring we are taking on the right kind of students. That is why we ask you to submit an application..

What separates us from the rest is down to 3 things:
1. We are incredibly thorough - the first thing we do with the students that we accept onto the programme is sit down together to carry out a long STRATEGY CALL. This is where wel go through the entire application with you and dissect everything from; your grades; which medical school choices are the most tactical and likely to succeed for your situation; the key preparation steps we need to ensure succeed; making sure we have the right work experience (and arranging some if we don't); going through your personal statement; making sure we score highly in the UCAT, BMAT and/or GAMSAT; how we're going to perform well at interviews; EVERYTHING!
2. We're highly individual - once we've laid out the plan for how we're going to get your into your dream medical school, we match you with a tutor from a similar background to you (Undergrad/Postgrad, International/Domestic etc...) who is from your first choice medical school. e.g. if you are an international graduate student applying to Oxford, we will pair you with an international graduate student currently at Oxford etc..
3. We are extremely dedicated to doing whatever it takes to help you get in. When you join us, we make a commitment to giving you our absolute best to help you reach your goal.

The Structure
1. Seminars - every week, we provide the highest quality teaching.

2. 1 ON 1 Tuition
- Bespoke strategy planning
- Individual training to work on what we know you NEED and teaching you WANT
- Elite level teaching from our carefully selected top-performing tutors

3. Great Resources
- Online courses
- Live demos & walk-throughs
- Past papers
- Question banks
- And much more... we partner with the best providers in the market to give you the best resources available across all the key areas

4. 24 Hour Support

What's Else Is Included?
We're dedicated to giving you everything you need to succeed. Other things you will benefit from include
- A 1 ON 1 tutor for the UCAT/GAMSAT/BMAT
- Official UCAT/GAMSAT/BMAT talks
- Tactical application lessons
- Correct university selection workshops
- Personal statement workshops - where we go through how to write your personal statement together
- Continuous individual personal statement reviews
- In-person mock interviews (and virtual for those who cannot travel)
- International students applying to UK medicine: individual help from someone who's applied from the same country you're applying from
- Individual graduate entry medicine help: get a GEM tutor to give you specific advice for how to this incredibly competitive
- Access to the community, where we share the most up-to-date information, so you can stay on top of the key information that will help you on your way to becoming a doctor.
- PDF's that condense down all the information from all the most important books into easy cheat-sheets for you to remember and implement
- Help with the psychological side of things.

Graduate Entry Medicine Help
FutureDoc has an entire branch dedicated specifically to helping graduate entry medicine application candidates complete their often long journey to medicine. We have graduate specific workshops looking at all the parts of the GEM application that differ from the regular 5-year applications.

International Applicants
International students are often those most in the dark about applying to medical school. Typically there is about a 6% success rate for international students applying to UK medical school.

Repeat Applicants
Often people come to us after having failed attempt(s) to get into medical school. We've had people come to us on their 4th attempt of applying to medical school and- after going through the FutureDoc programme- have got in.

Apply here: https://futuredoc.mykajabi.com/academy

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