Whiteheads | treatment | affordable | dermatologist

▪️White bumps usually seen on the forehead and cheeks but can occur anywhere in the face , back and chest

▪️Why does it happen ?
➡️When there is obstruction to opening of oil forming glands with dead cells , keratin debris and sebum.
It is a precursor lesion of acne.

▪️What to do?
➡️Using creams which breakdown the keratin debris, help in reducing the lesion. These agents are called comedolytics.

❌What not to do ?
➡️Try to pop it . It will push the whitehead further down leading to acne . It also increases the l scarring and

▪️When to visit a dermatologist ?
✔️Long stand whiteheads
✔️Not responding to treatment
✔️Multiple whiteheads
✔️History of acne with scars
✔️Family history of acne scars

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