Which Doctor Specialty Should You Choose? #SHORTS

When deciding on a specialty, students often consider things like clinical interests and lifestyle; however, there’s much more you need to think about. Here are 3 overlooked factors when choosing a specialty.

Number one, time in training. The shortest residencies are 3 years in duration. Many are 4-5 years long, but the longest are 6-7 years. Some fields also require fellowship after residency. Consider your life goals and make sure the length of training aligns with them.

Number two, consider the rigors of training. If you want to pursue something competitive, you’ll have to be at the top of your class in medical school to be a serious candidate.

In residency, some specialties are also incredibly demanding on your time. If you choose a surgical specialty, for instance, don’t be surprised if you’re working 80+ hours per week.

Lastly, consider the dynamic you want to have with your patients. For example, in the emergency department, you’ll come across hostile patients more frequently than the average pediatrician. But if you don’t like crying kids, pediatrics probably isn’t for you.

Think about the type of patients you want to work with and the dynamic you’d like to have with them.

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