Where is trauma stored in the body? SPECIAL TOPIC LECTURE. #trauma #nervoussystem

In this special topic lecture, I cover what is my current understanding of 'where trauma is stored in the body.' This lecture is based on my professional and personal experience, as well as keeping an open eye and ear on new findings and ideas from others who are immersed in the fields of healing and wellness. One thing is for certain: our traumas and survival energies are definitely stored IN the body, and for each person how that happens, where that happens, and how they are released and integrated is very much based on the individual and their capacity, as well as mastery, to be with their human experiences in all their colour, wonder, and pain. I once heard Jordan Peterson say that the best way to learn and dissect a topic is to teach it, and that is what I offer you in this lecture. Thank you for being here and continuing to learn. Enjoy!

Here are some Questions/Topics I discuss in this chat:

0:00 - Where is trauma stored in the body?
8:04 - What is trauma?
9:27 - Example of how the same trauma can affect people different
11:20 - Example of small trauma creating chronic illness, ptsd etc…
12:31 - Dysregulation in the physiology
16:13 - Types of Trauma
17:00 - Early Developmental (In Utero/Birth/pre-verbal)
21:08 - Medical, Dental, Surgical Trauma
23:05 - Near Death Experiences
24:37 - Attachment ruptures
27:05 - Fight/Flight/Freeze and Autonomic Nervous System
29:43 - ACE Study
31:14 - Vicarious Trauma
32:49 - Intergenerational Trauma
35:41 - Medications and impact
38:36 - How/where trauma shows up in the body
43:15 - Sensations
44:23 - Emotions
46:48 - Importance of Safety
49:45 - Where trauma is literally in the body
58:10- Example of how traumas can come out of the body
1:03:13 - Shock trauma in the body
1:06:55 - System going into freeze - fight/protection response
1:08:34 - Impulsivity and Fight/Flight energy
1:09:32 - ADHD/ADD
1:10:25 - Pain and medication
1:14:17 - Shaking


Resources I mention in this video:

► SmartBody SmartMind

► SmartBody SmartMind YouTube Playlist

► Healing Trauma 3 part video series

► 21 Day Nervous System Tune Up

► Kathy Kain

► Peter Levine

► The ACE Study. Connections with Psychological Trauma & Physical Illness

► Scared Sick by Robin Karr-Morse (Author), Meredith S. Wiley

► 9 Common Human Experiences That Can Be Traumatic (but are often seen as not)

► Recovering from benzodiazepines, healing anxiety & PTSD. SBSM Success Stories

► Aubrey Marcus Podcast with Zach Bush

► Dr. Masaru Emoto's Water Experiments

► Descendants of Holocaust Survivors Have Altered Stress Hormones

► Dr. Gabor Mate, Scattered Minds

► Drop In Class

► Healthy Nervous System Revolution FB group


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