When the disease of old age appeared, it was also the time when the dogs were dropped on the street

The day I met Tootsi was also the day her life took a big turn.

Could we help and improve her life?

I took Tootsi to a clinic to be checked. The doctor here asked her to have an MRI.

According to the neurologist's examination, no fractures or injuries were found.

The big problem was in the spine, which was the result of a car accident.

Some of the issues are age-related diseases such as gastritis, improper bile flow, and cystitis.

This became the reason for her being abandoned on the street.

After completing the tests, Tootsi was sent home with me.

Now she would be able to live in a warm room, sleep in a soft bed, and, most importantly, no longer feel alone.

Tootsi was adjusting to life in his new home.

I get excited when I imagine her in the future standing up and walking on all fours.

Although everything about Tootsi's future was very uncertain at the moment, I always believed it would happen.

She has many difficulties eating. Apart from canned food, she cannot eat anything.

Therefore, I have prepared a lot of necessary food for Tootsi's nutrition to be the most secure.

The exercise to regain her gait has also begun.

Fortunately, Tootsi was extremely hard-working and did not complain about anything.

Tootsi's weight has improved after half a month, and the wounds have also completely healed.

I also regularly take her outside to watch other dogs play and get some fresh air.

I hope that was the motivation for her to try harder.

I felt the luckiest was that, after going through a lot of hurt, her faith in us has not disappeared.

Tootsi has made very positive changes. She was very hard to move, even with only two front legs.

And what I dreamt of was gradually coming true. Just thinking about it made me feel satisfied.

One fine day, suddenly, this wonderful image appeared.

After many attempts at rehabilitation training combined with needle rolling, Tootsi was having his first buyowsc.

Despite many difficulties, this was truly a miracle.

Without falling behind, we finally got excellent results.

The tests at the clinic were carried out. The body indicators were good. Tootsi now no longer needs to use drugs.

May the days ahead of this unfortunate dog continue to be brighter.

Tootsi, with sad eyes, was now happier.

Walking to restore and strengthen the muscles of the hind legs was still being done.

I am trying to spend more time, love, and care with her.

Trying to prolong the life of a dog was possible only by giving them a quality life.

And more than ever, I hope that all animals in the world are always loved and protected as they love and are loyal to humans.
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