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Raw Milk? Homogenized milk? What is the difference and which is better?

Raw Milk is essentially unprocessed & unpasteurized milk, just like the milk that we all drank when we were kids, directly from small cow diaries. You ll probably remember going with a can to the diary to get a litre of milk. You would then heat it up at home and drink. The best part is the thick malai or cream that you would get once the milk is cooled which is then used to make butter/ghee later.

Homogenized means that the fat in milk is all chopped up to small particles of fat. So that every household gets the same amount of fat in milk.

But the problem with this processing is that it becomes unrecognized by our body.

Source: A detailed documentation & research on "Dairy Technology: Principles of Milk Properties and Processes," the homogenization of milk may impose health risks. Do check this research paper available online.

This information also comes my conversations in the diary industry who have switched to making products from Raw milk and not the processed Homogenized milk.

I guess the simple rule for good health is, eat food that is closest to what is available in nature and we will all be automatically healthy :-)


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