What's Going on in Cancer Treatment & Research (From Top Specialists!) | ASCO 2022

What are the big trends in cancer treatment and research today?
In this video, I share some key pieces of info from a recent meeting where top minds in oncology gather every year to share progress. It’s called ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) and being there was incredible.
Here are some of those top takeaways for you out there - straight from some of our country’s top cancer specialists - and it starts with precision medicine.

Dr. Mark A. Lewis, Intermountain Healthcare
Dr. Ruben Mesa, UT Health San Antonio
Dr. Kerry Rogers, The Ohio State University

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The interview has only been edited for clarity.

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Contents Of This Video:
00:00 - intro
02:27 - Incredible rectal cancer study results revealed
03:27 -Exciting developments but do they translate into real world practice?
04:19 - “Less is more” for targeted cancer treatments
06:59 - What are the top focus areas trending for oncologists here?
09:02 - More learnings this time, in leukemia

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