What is the right diet for your constitution?【Healthy food Special】

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"Planet of Food
The concept of "Planet of Food" is "Life is more fun when you know the world's cuisine! Planet of Food" is a project that invites three housewives who live in various parts of the world to share information about food and deliver cross-cultural exchange.

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Production: Hideyasu Shimazu, Kenichi Iwabuchi
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Chapter List
0:00 Opening
1:57 Michelle's choice: Chia seeds
4:57 Michelle's choice: Granola, Michelle's pudding
9:50 Cydonie's choice: Cauliflower rice
12:05 Cydonie's choice: Cauliflower pizza
13:58 Cydonie's transformation
15:02 The reason to drink water
16:55 Miwako's choice: Pork or chicken

<This time's performers>
Raccoon・・・Cydonie Brown served in the Navy at Misawa Air Base in Aomori Prefecture for three years. She lived in Dotonbori, Osaka, for a while, and has lived in Japan for 14 years. She currently lives in Connecticut, USA. She doesn't cook much, and her husband is a homemaker.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CyndiB2020

Lutra lutra・・・Michelle Mugnai is an actor, model, and content creator based in Tokyo. She’s of Italian and Taiwanese origins and she was born and raised in Rome. When not working, she enjoys reading, meditating, and every kind of creative activity where she can express her emotions, thoughts, and quirks. She’s currently plant-based, so she likes to recreate vegan versions of her favorite dishes and discover cafes and restaurants that offer plant-based dishes and drinks. [email protected]: https://www.instagram.com/michellemugnai/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrMisSmile1

Vulpes zerda・・・Miwako Fujii: More beautiful from the age of 50! She runs a Body Makeover Salon, Yokohama, for women who do not want to give up because of their age and is a certified instructor of the Japan Beautiful Vagina Association in charge of Kanagawa Pref. She thoroughly instructs women on how to build a body that can walk to the end of its life through core training and vaginal care. She has been teaching for 11 years since she obtained her certification at the age of 41 and started teaching at the same time. She loves workout. She loosely takes gluten- and sugar-free lifestyle. Enjoys pasta, pizza, and cake to the fullest when eating out! Married with a son (23 years old) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/miiwako.f
Healthy food
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