What is Genu Varum Or Bow Knee || Complete Surgery and treatment in Agra, India || Dr DP Sharma

Genu Varum is a condition in which the knee bends to the side instead of straight forward. Treatment for Genu varum Or bow knee. This video will teach you to treat your condition with the help of a doctor. I'll share what genu varum or bow knee is, who may have it, how to diagnosis it, and what are available. I will be discussing the treatments for bow knee or genu varum. The first we will discuss is braces. Braces are a great option for treatment and they work by holding your knee in the proper position and making sure that you're not putting too much stress on any one joint in your leg.

If you Or any of your family member are suffering from Genu Varum Or Bow knee. watch this full video to know more about it. 

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