What is CARBON SPECTRA TREATMENT? | Revive Your Glowing Skin - Dr. Amee Daxini | Doctors' Circle

Dr. Amee Daxini | Think Skin Clinic
So carbon spectra treatment or very commonly known as carbon peel began you know with
in hollywood where people applied carbon and did a laser and saw skin glowing and looking beautiful and because it works like a peel it was called the carbon peel but ideally it is not a peel what we do here is it's a two step procedure where we apply carbon which is a photo enhancer on the face and leave it for about 20 minutes once it's dry we pass a laser on it the laser could be the spectral laser which is why the carbon spectra treatment or any q-switched Nd : YAG laser which is passed on the carbon now what happens is carbon absorbs heat and that heat then is transferred to the skin this helps remove dust dart dirt the debris the oil and most importantly it reduces the microorganisms which are present on our surface of the skin so for people with oily skin it not only reduces sebum but also prevents acne because the microorganisms reduce it
also helps in people with fine lines wrinkles and open pores because the heat that is generated stimulates collagen in the deeper layers of our skin in the dermis and with repeated treatments you notice that your lines wrinkles and open pores also start reducing so this is how carbon spectra works it's a very simple procedure there is no down time to it remember to use a sunscreen before always and absolutely after doing the treatment if you feel dry or flaky skin use a moisturizer remember to do this procedure when your skin is moist because dry or flaky skin is inflamed and when we do this treatment inflammation increases so if you've just come back from a beach vacation or have a recent time do wait for a couple of days before you do this treatment and don't forget your sunscreen.
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