What is a Nervous Breakdown

What is a Nervous Breakdown?
Nervous breakdown hints towards a mixture of stress, depression followed by negative thinking and disassociation that doesn’t seem to leave your side. This could be triggered by a breakup, bankruptcy, divorce, etc. For others, some form of trauma or ongoing difficulties could be the catalyst. If you have a personal or family history of anxiety disorders, it raises your chances of experiencing a nervous breakdown.
Symptoms include mood swings, insomnia, hallucinations, panic attacks, social isolation, or mental confusion.
If a person’s nervous breakdown is caused by an underlying mental illness, the right medication along with the right diagnosis can be life-changing. A common treatment is talk therapy with a counselor or psychotherapist. A therapist can help anyone achieve a better life as they usually provide the patient with healthy coping mechanisms.
A person can break out of this cycle by managing their symptoms and prioritizing their mental health.

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