What I Eat in a Day - Undecorate With Me

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The time has come to undecorate Christmas :( I'm sad so I'm bringing you along with me. I love starting the year with a clean house and fresh slate. I feel so much more rested and organized now that my house is clean! When did you take your Christmas decorations down?

I hope this video makes you smile and these recipes give you some healthy inspiration! I want to be better about cooking more nutritious food on this channel and in my every day life so please hold me accountable lol

Do you like hearing some of my devotionals? Have a great weekend friends :)

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In this video Nicole Renard takes you through what she eats in a day and provides easy and healthy recipes that anyone can make at home. She takes you through her 2023 morning routine complete with working out at the gym, waking up at 7am, and being productive. She reads part of her bible study and devotional from the Glorify app and then undecorates for Christmas. After she organizes and cleans her house she sits down for a nutritious meal for dinner and ends with a snack.

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