What Happens in Breast Cancer? | Symptoms And Treatment (Urdu/Hindi)

Cancer is a disease that causes cells in any part of the body to grow abnormally.
similarly if the cells of our breast grows abnormally than this condition is called breast cancer
Breast cancer can affect both men and women.
However, it is more likely to affect women.
99 out of 100 patients of breast cancer are females
and remaining one patient can be male
Breast cancer tends to run in families.
like if someone in a family is suffering from breast cancer
than there are many chances that female offspring of their family will suffer from breast cancer
beside this obesity and smoking can also increase the chances of breast cancer
There are many symptoms of breast cancer
these symptoms are diagnosed by observing the changes happening in breast
such as the difference in both chest sizes,
Nipple retraction,
change in the shape of breast,
blood or white discharge from the nipple
or guilty in chest etc.
Breast cancer can be confirmed by a biopsy or an ultrasound.
A biopsy is a medical procedure that involves collecting a cell sample from the affected area and examining it under a microscope.
and then doctors can determine whether the extra cells in the breast are cancerous or not.
Breast cancer can be treated by doctors using lumpectomy and mastectomy procedures.
During a lumpectomy, surgical instruments are used to remove the tumor in the breast as well as cells in the surrounding areas.
Beside this mastectomy is a surgical procedure
where the entire cancerous breast is removed from the body
Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy procedures are also used to remove cancer cells
in chemotherapy strong chemicals and in radiotherapy strong radiations are used
that can help to remove cancer cells

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