West Nile Virus | West Nile Fever | Diagnosis | Prevention | Treatment | Symptoms

Disease caused by West Nile virus called West Nile Fever. In this video you will learn about West Nile virus.

Queries solved in this video:

00:00 | Introduction
00:14 | What is West Nile virus
00:39 | Cause of West Nile Fever
00:57 | Transmission of West Nile virus
01:46 | Symptoms of West Nile Fever in 20% Infected People
02:17 | Neurological Symptoms of West Nile Fever in Less Than 1% Infected People
03:01 | Diagnosis of West Nile virus
03:30 | Sample Collection for West Nile virus Fever
03:54 | Prevention of West Nile virus
04:22 | Treatment of West Nile Fever and Encephalitis

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