Weeding in the Garden of Good and Evil (November 2022)

Weeding your library's collection can be a daunting task, but it is a critical component to providing excellent library service to your community. This workshop will give you the tools and enthusiasm that you will need to assess your collection and make decisions on what material needs to be weeded out of it. Our approach to weeding is that it isn't the irresponsible disposal of the library's property, but rather a part of good public service to borrowers in terms of maintaining the best possible collection for the community.

The workshop will cover:

The purpose of weeding
Criteria for weeding decisions
The mechanics of weeding
Developing a weeding policy
Resources for disposal of weeded material
This webinar will be conducted online via Zoom and will be recorded, with the recording and slides posted afterward to https://libguides.ctstatelibrary.org/dld/professional/workshopnotes.

This webinar is for: Everyone who works in library services as well as board members and other community stakeholders.

This webinar will be captioned. If you require another access service to participate fully, please use the Accommodation Request Form at least 7 days prior to the event.
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