Webinar | Protecting Your Femtech IP

Femtech is a growing industry that develops solutions to women’s healthcare issues that historically have been underfunded, under researched, and misunderstood. It focuses primarily on conditions that present differently in women, predominantly affect women, or are unique to women. These sex differences and the growing awareness of them are the driving force behind femtech, which aims to preserve wellness, prevent illness, and close the treatment gap through education and innovations in software, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer products.

On November 30, please join Fish attorneys Giordana Mahn and Jacqueline Tio for a discussion of IP issues in the femtech space, including:

- Why you should care about femtech
- Why you need to protect your femtech assets
- How to protect different aspects of your technology with utility and design patents
- Survey of femtech IP landscape 2022

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