Webinar - Neurodiversity and Eating Disorders: Considerations for Affirming Care

Recorded on August 23, 2022

Many neurodivergent folks encounter barriers when accessing eating disorder care, leading to feelings of invalidation and discouragement which ultimately impacts their course of treatment. In this webinar, co-hosted by NEDIC and Sheena's Place, presenters Sophie Raniere and Josée Sovinsky will provide an overview of neurodiversity, explore its intersection with eating disorders, and offer examples of what neurodiversity-affirming eating disorder care could look like in practice. The goal of this webinar is to encourage practitioners and clients alike to consider neurodiversity's impact on the lived experience of eating disorders, and empower them to provide and advocate for more affirming care.

Presented by: Sophie Raniere (she/her), Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) & Josée Sovinsky (she/they), Registered Dietitian, Registered Psychotherapist

Resources shared in the chat throughout the webinar:
- https://www.cnvc.org/training/resource/needs-inventory
- https://lindsaybraman.com/emotion-sensation-feeling-wheel/
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