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On behalf of Prison Professors, I’d like to send a separate message. My name is Michael Santos and I thank you for your interest in our work. Although many people reach out to me directly, I’m not always able to respond immediately.

Since I served 26 years in federal prison, I understand the urgency of making decisions, with good information. For that reason, I’ve written books and courses to provide resources for people can use as they’re preparing for better outcomes in court, sentencing, or prison. You can find those books and courses at the following links:

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I hope these resources are helpful to you.

I will respond to your comment as soon as I can. Please understand that my role is to create content to change the outcomes of the system as a whole. If you want to hire one of our mitigation experts, use the following link:

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1. How I Got 45-Years in Prison (2020)
a. https://youtu.be/JMer7EMfZ3w
2. Coming Up With a Plan for Prison (2020)
a. https://youtu.be/ULtLyrZCRPQ
3. How I Got an Education in Prison (2020)
a. https://youtu.be/SbMGIavTeXU
4. How to Get a College Degree in Prison (2020)
a. https://youtu.be/WO-YjkNySek
5. How I Found Mentors in Prison (2020)
a. https://youtu.be/QBYK3L5A8cg
6. How I got a Master’s Degree in Prison (2020)
a. https://youtu.be/MKFpX9C3aD0
7. How I Became an Author in Prison (2020)
a. https://youtu.be/owaIQ25F-rE
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