Vitamins and Deficiency Diseases | Types of Vitamins | Importance of Vitamins | Dr. Pooja Kumari

In this video, Vitamins has been explained. Classification of vitamins, sources of vitamins and their deficiency diseases has been explained here.

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This channel is for each and every student who wants to study biology in detailed way and are preparing for board exams (CBSE & State boards), NEET, MSc, BSc, B.Pharma, B.Sc Nursing, PhD entrances and several other exams. This is a small initiative to share our knowledge and experiences with all the students who want to study biology but can’t afford to join an institute. We will provide the same level of education at your comfort place through this virtual classroom.
About the presenter:
Dr. Pooja is a biologist, she has done her PhD in the field of Neuroendocrinology from University of Delhi, India. She has completed her M.Phil., MSc and BSc degrees in Zoology from University of Delhi. She was a Gold medalist at her college for the entire graduation period (three years).
She has an experience of teaching at various coaching institutes for board and NEET exams as well as other competitive exams such as CSIR-NET, GATE, IIT-JAM or M.Sc. entrances.

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