Vintage World Book Encyclopedia Yearbook from 1978 - ASMR Soft Spoken Object Examination and Reading

In this soft spoken ASMR Object Examination and Reading video, I look over a vintage World Book Encyclopedia Yearbook. Lots of pointing, some tapping here and there, and of course there are lots of lovely paper sounds from fidgeting with and turning the pages. Follow along with me as I skim through this blast from the past!

I hope this video helps you to sleep, relax, and/or trigger ASMR tingles! Please keep in mind that I do not own or have any affiliation with the makers of the World Book Encyclopedia. Also please note that this is an educational book that was published in the 70s - As such there is some outdated information and language present. However, as this is an ASMR video, I did my best to skip over anything that may be outside the realms of relaxation. I will also mention the typical disclaimer that views depicted by the authors of the World Book Yearbook 1978 are not my own. I am merely reading their words as a fascinating look at a world gone by.

ASMR Triggers included in this video:
Soft Speaking, Object Examination, Reading, Page Turning, Tapping, Scratching, Rubbing, Some light Mouth Sounds, 'Concentrating' Sounds, Paper Sounds, 'Library' type Sounds, 'Studying' Sounds, Visual ASMR, Pointing, Following Along, Intentional ASMR

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