Video 68 - Treatment of polycystic kidney disease. Bite-Sized Information for Kidney Patients 2021

Dr Francisco live today 12 Oct 21 on “Video 68 - What is the treatment of polycystic kidney disease?" As part of SEASON 2 of our live interactive video series available in our private Facebook group Kidney Health Education & Kidney Disease Awareness by Dr Francisco, an initiative by Francisco Kidney & Medical Centre - Singapore

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Presented by kidney specialist doctor in Singapore, Dr. Francisco Salcido-Ochoa, MD (Mex), MRCP (UK), MSc (UK), PhD (UK). Dr. Francisco is an empathetic nephrologist, transplant immunologist, and deep health coach with 23 years of experience at Francisco Kidney & Medical Centre at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, #07-32, 38 Irrawaddy Rd, Singapore 329563.

Francisco Kidney & Medical Centre provides both in-clinic and online doctor consultation (telemedicine and telehealth) for both local Singapore residents as well as fellow patients from all around the world.

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