Venous & Lymphatic Disease Treatment: A Patient’s Story

Dr. Vince Gardner of The Vein Institute at Southern Surgical Arts in Chattanooga, TN, and Calhoun, GA shares a patient's experience with Venous & Lymphatic Disease. After experiencing an extreme infection in his extremities, this patient was left with lymphatic damage that hindered his mobility and limited his life experiences. Dr. Gardner and the staff at The Vein Institute went to work to help reduce his swelling and discomfort greatly. See amazing images from the patient's initial hospital stay where the initial infection was treated (not at The Vein Institute), along with images of his leg while suffering from the lymphatic disease and after treatment.

Dr. Vincent (Vince) Gardner is dedicated to advancing the modern treatment of venous disease, offering his patients the most comprehensive, modern, and effective procedures. His 21-year career has provided him with a wealth of experience and expertise. Learn more about Dr. Gardner here: https://www.yourveininstitute.com/about-us/vince-gardner-md/

The Vein Institute at Southern Surgical Arts is a dedicated facility with one goal: the comprehensive treatment of vein disorders. Learn more about The Vein Institute here: https://www.yourveininstitute.com

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