Vegetables for kids - Let's learn vegetables | Types of vegetables | Healthy eating | Love veg

Vegetables for kids - Let's learn vegetables | Types of vegetables | Healthy eating | Love veg

Teach kids vegetables with our new video clip. Our Lady chef presents children with various types of vegetables and teaches them about healthy eating. We made this video clip to encourage children to learn about vegetables, eat healthy and have fun through this activity.

Our chef tells the children that it is not good to eat sweets often and that it is much better to eat vegetables instead. There are various types of vegetables, and these are just a few that are common in our area.

We hope that watching this video will help your children develop healthier habits. Very young children can use this video clip to learn to speak and enrich their vocabulary.

Now lets all chop and eat vegetables...

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1. carrot.
2. beetroot.
3. radish.
4. potato.
5. peas.
6. green beans.
7. onion.
8. garlic.
9. courgette.
10. cucumber.
11. cabbage.
12. lettuce.
13. cauliflower.
14. broccoli.
15. brussels sprouts.
16. celery.
17. tomato.
18. pepper.
19. aubergine.
20. pumpkin.

Hello kids. Have you ever been to the kitchen? Well, of course, you have. In the kitchen, we prepare many delicious dishes and of course, desserts. Deserts should be eaten in moderation, but we can eat as many vegetables as possible.
Do you have a favourite vegetable?
For example, I like to eat potatoes the most. To me, it is the most beautiful vegetable in the world. Let's see if you know how many types of vegetables there are.
But first to chop a little bit...

Tell me, what is this vegetable?
And this?
What do you think of this vegetable?
Let's see what we call this vegetable?
Is this maybe a potato?
And this, is it potato?
What is this now?
What is the name of this vegetable?
Let's see this one now?
Tell me the name of this vegetable?

Well done this is
That's right, this is
Great, this is the
Of course, it's not a potato, its
Not a potato but,
You did great, that is
Great so you know everything, that is
Finally a potato?

We have learned about so many new vegetables today and I hope you will eat them every day. Vegetables are healthy and very important for us. Come on kids, ask your moms to give you your favourite vegetable and I'm going to eat potatoes.
See you next time. Bye!!!!
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