Veg Mexican burger |Healthy burger recipe | मेक्सिकन बर्गर | Rajma burger patty | Flavours Of Food

Oil- 2 tbsp
Chopped garlic- 1 tbsp
Chopped onions- 1/4 cup
Chopped beans- 1/4 cup
Chopped capsicum- 1/4 cup
Chopped carrots- 1/4 cup
Chopped green chilies- 1 tbsp
Red chili powder- 1.5 tsp
Salt to taste
Black pepper powder- 1 tsp
Tomato ketchup- 1 tbsp
Chili sauce- 1 tbsp
Overnight soaked & boiled kidney beans- 1.5 cups
Chopped coriander leaves

Burger mayonnaise- 2 tbsp
Iceberg lettuce- as required
Sliced onions- as required
Cheese slices- as required
Tomato salsa- as required
Jalapenos & olives- as required
Nachos- optional

Serve with French fries, tomato salsa & Ketchup.
Enjoy !!

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