Unusually Intense Medical Exams : ASMR Compilation (Sci-Fi Twist)

Hey y'all! Here's a series of unusually intense and slightly weird ASMR exams that I've been informally referring to as my "wtf is wrong" collection. They all have a bit of a sci-fi or fantasy feel to them, while still leaving lots to the imagination. Easily one of my favorite types of videos to make!

To navigate the chapters within this compilation, use these timestamps:
00:00 - The Intro Sequence That Some People Say is Too Long
00:22 - Doctor Makes an Amazing Discovery
26:23 - After You’ve Returned
56:21 - Very Serious and Intense Light Exam
1:30:27 - Intense Medical Exam
1:52:18 - Patron Credits and End Screen

Or, if you'd like to view any of these individually, you can find them here:

Doctor Makes an Amazing Discovery

After You’ve Returned

Very Serious and Intense Light Exam

Intense Medical Exam

I hope this video helps you to tingle, relax, and drift away to sleep!


For the best ASMR experience, please use headphones or earbuds.

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