'Unintentional' Style ASMR Scalp Exam with Treatment, Hair Pulling & Chiropractic Adjustments

Soft spoken hairline, scalp & face chiropractic ASMR exam with treatment application, focusing on the facial skin, head structure & sectioning of hair, this chiropractic ASMR exam aims to realign the nerves, restore sensation and remove nerve pain.

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00:00 Face & Hairline Exam
08:10 Face Adjustments
12:58 Scalp Exam
17:46 Hair Pulling & Adjustments
24:45 Scalp Exam
26:20 Hair Pulling & Adjustments
29:27 Scalp Treatment Application
40:00 Relaxation

ASMR medical videos are for sleepy entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as actual medical advice.

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