UNINTENTIONAL ASMR ~ Real Person Cranial Nerve Exam ~ Shoulder Injury (Soft Spoken) Sharp or Dull

This is an unintentional intentional [ASMR] Real Person Cranial Nerve Exam ~ Shoulder Injury (Soft Spoken)
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00:00 ASMR medical history questions (pen triggers story board)
3:07 vital signs + heart exam (blood pressure, hand sanitizer, oxygenation, stethoscope triggers)
5:33 eye exam (light triggers, snellen chart)
7:10 smell test & nose exam
7:53 taste test
9:36 sensation tests (sharp or dull triggers)
11:54 facial expressions and muscle strength
13:24 Shoulder Range Of Motion Tests (scapula mobility)
16:53 back and shoulder measurement (tape measuring triggers)
18:06 shoulder and scapula mobility tests
19:55 vibrations tests (tuning fork)
22:12 spinal tap (neurological hammer)
23:48 shoulder and scapula sensation tests (sharp or dull, right or left, cold triggers)
27:26 bone density assessment (stethoscope triggers)
28:07 kinesiology tape
28:59 shoulder adjustment
29:52 outro (thanking the patient)

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**Wear Headphones**
This is an ASMR medical role-play, I'm not a real doctor and if you have a medical condition please consult with your physician. This video does not display accurate information therefore none of the information should be taken as accurate/truthful facts.
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