Unexpected chemotherapy side effects! A day of chemo cancer treatment

Unexpected chemotherapy side effects! A day of chemo cancer treatment
Malin & Tom

It's chemotherapy round 2! In this chemotherapy cancer treatment vlog, we discuss some of Malin's unexpected chemo side effects, such as her intense sensitivity to cold, including cold air and drinks. Surprisingly, chemotherapy hair loss hasn't affected us, as we've found out that not all cancer patients lose their hair.

We thought it was important to make a chemotherapy treatment video to show what a day looked like for a young woman on chemo. We've completed the radiotherapy stage, Malin did a great job of tackling the radiation therapy even if the side effects were harsh, and the next step after the chemotherapy cancer treatment will be an operation to remove the tumor.

We'd really like to thank you for watching our cancer treatment vlog. We've taken a lot of inspiration from incredible Youtube channels who have been through the same journey, such as Eamon & Bec, Kinging- it and TiffanyThinks. We've especially followed Eamon & Bec breast cancer story, she did a wonderful job of battling chemotherapy and we're hoping to achieve the same.

Mentioned above: @eamonandbec @kingingit @tiffanythinks

Who are we?
We are a young 'Swenglish' adventure family, that consists of Swedish Malin, English Tom, and babies Charlie & Isabella, who are half and half. We love all kinds of adventures, including travelling around Sweden and beyond in our little budget family campervan, and we're currently building our dream campervan project.

But right now we’re focused on one thing: to be free of cancer. We've been on the journey to recover since Malin received her colorectal cancer diagnosis in late 2022.

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