Understanding the Disease of Fear and Social Anxiety

Does fear and social anxiety hold you back in life? Stop you from talking to people? Inhibit you from taking out of life what you really want?

A lot of people suffer from social anxiety. We cringe at the idea of too much attention and cripple under the pressure of actually attracting it. This is an unfortunate way to live and often made even worse when we have something important or interesting we want to communicate but can't.

The sad truth is that the fear of speaking up or attracting attention stops us from functioning optimally. Which is why I talk about fear as a disease. Because diseases spread when they're not addressed. They put us at a disadvantage. They consume us.

In this video, I'm talking about the relatable feeling we all face when it comes to fear. And by joining a class with the School of Connection (either online or in person) we can help you understand how to face the fear, feel the fear... and do what you need to do anyway.

Classes are currently being held online (and live in London), so anyone from anywhere in the world can attend. To find out about our online classes, visit: https://schoolofconnection.org/​

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