Ulcerative colitis | inflammatory bowel disease | Treatment of Ulcerative Colitis Part 2

Assalam-O -Alaikum,
Ulcerative colitis or UC is disease of gastrointestinal tract and there is inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) differentiated from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), it is autoimmune disorders of large intestine or colon, i have discussed about ulcerative colitis (UC) and its management part 2, where treatment is not fully available, so, i have explained about types of UC, its diagnosis and complications and management or treatment methods or surgery etc. in full details.
So, i request all the viewers to first watch full video to understand the nature of my channel and views different subjects that i have worked here in University of Sargodha or uos, Pakistan.
I have covered following points here
1. ulcerative colitis
2. prokinetic drugs
3. crohn's disease
5. gastroparesis
6. digestive tract disorders
7. inflammatory bowl syndrome
8. pharmacology of ulcerative colitis
9. pharmacology of ulcerative colitis
10. pharmacology of ulcerative colitis by dr abdul malik
11. classification of inflammatory bowl disease
12. irritable bowl syndrome or IBS
13. inflammatory bowl disease or IBD
14. symptoms of ulcerative colitis
15. complications of ulcerative colitis
16. diagnosis of ulcerative colitis

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