Ulcerative Colitis: Etiology, Pathophysiology, Clinical Features, Diagnosis, Treatment

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In this lecture Professor Zach Murphy will be concluding our two part mini series on Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). We will be finishing this mini series with our lecture on Ulcerative Colitis. We begin this lecture by discussing the causes and pathophysiology of ulcerative colitis. We will then be moving into the local and systemic clinical features patients will most commonly present with. We conclude this lecture with the diagnosis and treatment of ulcerative colitis, and will be providing real diagnostic images you need to know for your exams and in practice. We hope you enjoy this lecture and be sure to support us below!

Table of Contents:
0:00 Lab
0:07 Ulcerative Colitis Introduction
0:30 Chegg Sponsorship
2:46 Causes and Pathophysiology of Ulcerative Colitis
36:47 Clinical Features and Systemic Involvement
50:47 Diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis
1:01:59 Treatment of Ulcerative Colitis
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