Types of Diseases Acute - Why Do We Fall Ill | Class 9 Biology

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Class: 9th
Subject: Biology
Chapter: Why do we fall ill?
Topic Name: Types of disesases
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Points covered in this video:-
Diseases last for only short periods of time and are severe.
Diseases don't cause long term and bad effects on health.
Example: Cold, Cholera etc.
Patient recover fully after treatment.
Diseases last for long time (Lifetime - Sometimes).
Diseases have drastic long term effects on health.
Example: Diabetes, TB, etc.
Infectious Diseases
They are caused by attack of pathogens.
The diseases are brought about by extrinsic or external factors.
Infectious diseases can pass from diseased person to healthy person.
Transmission of infection occurs through direct contact or some medium (air, water, vectors)
Community hygiene can reduce the incidence of infectious diseases.
Examples: Cold, Cholera, Tuberculosis(T.B.), Pneumonia, Malaria, Chickenpox.
Communicable Diseases
They are caused by factors other than living pathogens.
The diseases are mostly brought by intrinsic or internal factors.
Non-infectious diseases cannot pass from one person to another.
Transmission is absent. However, hereditary diseases are transmitted from parent to offspring.
Community hygiene is ineffective in reducing the incidence of non-infectious diseases.
Examples: Diabetes, Hypertension, Goitre.
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