Types Of Dark Circles & How To Treat Them

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This video is solely for the reason of information and this isn’t a replacement for medical advice.

As people of colour, we are more prone to dark circles due to sun exposure and our bone structures. But dark circles are complicated to treat and need to be treated on a case by case basis. Diet, sleep, bone structure, genetics, allergies - a lot goes into analysing the cause and treatment of dark circles.

They are common and very normal and I think it’s high time, we as a society treat them that way.

1️⃣. Hollow eyes or sunken eyes are oftentimes due to weight loss, genetic bone structures & ageing skin. Sadly, not a lot of topical creams will help with this. Your dermatologist may suggest you fillers or other procedures to treat them. This is a personal choice and this video in no way endorses or condemns them.

2️⃣. Thinning skin could lead to purple and blue veins being visible under the eyes, that could lead the under-eye area to look more pigmented. Caffeine based eye products like the @theinkeylist caffeine eye cream, @lorealparis caffeine and Hyaluronic serum, @theordinary caffeine solution and the @drsheths caffeine undereye cream could help with temporarily calm them. But for long term treatment - laser or Retinol or peptide creams such as the @foxtaleskin eye Candy @pixibeauty retinol cream, @muradskincare retinol youth renewal serum and @theinkeylist retinol eye cream may also be helpful.

3️⃣. Lastly, hyperpigmentation is another cause of dark circles. These are often genetic or due to allergies or sun exposure. Sunscreen is mandatory to manage that along with eye creams that have ingredients like vitamin C, niacinamide, retinol and alpha arbutin. Some of the ones are @peterthomasrothofficial eye cream @muradskincare vitamin C eye cream, @plumgoodness eye cream and @ceraveuki eye cream.

Disclaimer - I am not a dermatologist. This video is based on research and personal trial. Please do your own research and patch test before use.
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