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Stephanie Spencer is a cardiac RN with 27 years of experience combined with a Board Certification in Lifestyle Medicine.

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Website: https://www.naturalstateplantbased.com/

Stephanie’s “Plant Based Jump Start Course” (included in the $49 Bundle) will take you from knowing absolutely nothing about Plant Based Nutrition to knowing how to structure your daily meals for maximum nutrient and fiber intake, integrating Plant Based Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine goals (chronic disease reversal) into your Non-Plant Based Primary Care Physician visit, and confidently answering your skeptical friends’ questions.

This course is excellent if you have a spouse or loved one who is just not on the same page as you with this Plant Based thing. Show them my video- “Where Do You Get Your Protein?” The research is presented in a fun and non-confrontational way to a live non-plant based audience based on my 27 years of experience caring for real heart patients in the real world combined with a Board Certification in Lifestyle Medicine.

Stephanie’s Jump Start Course in the Bundle includes:
Intro video-instructions from Stephanie
Pantry prep and shopping list
Physician consultation instructions, baseline lab work
Printable Plant Based references to give your physician
Lab results worksheet
How strict do I need to be? Goals worksheet
ACLM Food as Medicine Jumpstart Kit
Class #1-Video: "Where Do You Get Your Protein?" Stephanie Spencer1 hr, 52 min. with printable pdf of slides
Fiber Journal Homework
Roadmap homework: Plant Based Food Group servings/day
Internet resources, recipes, books, documentaries
Broccoli sprouts info and research
Printable Recipes
and more!

You can do this!!
Stephanie Spencer RN, BSN, DipACLM
Certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner
American College of Lifestyle Medicine

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