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In today's episode, Cindy Thompson emphasizes the role of whole food plant-based eating in our health and the numerous adverse effects of the standard American diet. Tune in to discover more about the ideas and techniques to assist your transition to a plant-based diet and achieve outstanding quality health and wellness goals.

Key takeaways to listen for
*The remarkable effects of living a healthy lifestyle and diet
*Top leading cause of mortality for firefighters in the United States
*What are the challenges of integrating a plant-based diet into your daily life?
*Helpful activities to evaluate the amount of fat in your meal
*Food for life program: What it is and programs available
*Empowering your marriage through a healthy lifestyle and diet

Resources mentioned in this episode.
Check out events and classes here: https://trimazing.com/events/

About Cindy Thompson
Cindy wants you to be Trimazing—three times better than amazing! After improving her health and fitness through plant-based nutrition, losing 60 pounds, and becoming an adult-onset athlete, she retired from her 20-year firefighting career to helping people just like you. She works with people and organizations so they can reach their health and wellness goals.

Our health and wellness are closely tied to the health of our environment. Cindy incorporates zero-waste and sustainable practices throughout her programs. You’ll see it is easy being green!

Cindy Thompson is a certified Health Coach, Master Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator, Behavior Change and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Fit to Thrive Firefighter Trainer. She is a Food for Life Instructor with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a Rouxbe Plant-Based Professional, and a Harvard Medical School Culinary Coach, teaching people how to prepare delicious, satisfying, and health-promoting meals.

You can find Cindy at Trimazing! Health & Lifestyle Coaching and be reached at [email protected].

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