TOUGH TO SLEEP? Know the reason, WHY!

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The adrenal body type accumulates fat storage as lower belly fat, especially sagging.

The main cause of this is stress ( lost of love once, lost of relationship, lot of job and many problem) and it may difficult for those with this body type to relax or sleep restfully. “An adrenal body type is likely to be edgy and eventually develop memory problems.

People who are adrenal body type always in a constant state of thinking.They are situation of problem solving state.They are anger very soon.

You may seem to handle stress well, although you really tend to interiorize your stress, so it is still there underneath the surface. You may seem calm on the outside but underneath the surface there is a Lot Brewing!

Fat loss happen at the recover point of time and body not get rest properly .People are not able to sleep at night this main reason not able to loose weight. even if they are exercise 7 days a week .
Exercise – It is best for you to exercise later in the day so that you can release cortisol that has built up from the stress of daily activities. Activities that involve movement, like running or swimming, have a calming effect, while stationary ones tend to build up stress and tension in your body.

What does our Hormones say about our Body type?

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I feel, the 3 essential aspects towards lifestyle management or to lose weight is to have a goal (essentially your tangible target), a checkpoint system or timely monitoring (so that you feel answerable) & most important a source of motivation (a mentor). When all 3 blend in together, your success is bound to happen.
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