Top 3 Sexiest Doctor Specialties #SHORTS

Here are the top 3 sexiest doctor specialties - in no particular order. First is neurosurgery. What’s sexier than a surgeon who works on the brain? It’s the most beautifully complex organ in the body and there’s still so much we don’t know about it. Not to mention, they’re among the few doctors who actually save people’s lives on a daily basis.

Next is plastic surgery. After all, these are the surgeons you go to when you want to look sexy. Whether you want your nose done up with a rhinoplasty, be more full with a breast augmentation, or work on your body through body contouring, plastic surgery is the epitome of beauty, melding art with science.

Lastly, we have cardiothoracic surgery because who else can fix a broken heart? It’s an exciting field, with big, epic operations and tons of innovation.

Let’s be honest though, being a doctor of any type is pretty attractive. So what specialties do you find the sexiest? Comment down below.

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