Toddler PLAYROOM TOUR | Toys, Storage Hacks and Solutions that Will Help EVERY MOM!

In today’s video, I finally share our finished toddler playroom tour. I wanted to make this room little person-sized, that way our toddler can feel like this is really her space. I share all the products my toddler and I have been loving. From a chalkboard on the wall to our favorite toddler table.

Full blog post HERE: http://bit.ly/3Jy0smt

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0:00 - intro
0:40 – kids storage
2:14 – chalk board
2:53 – table and chair set
4:44 – carpet
5:27 – kitchen
7:02 – hooks
7:14 – The Baby HealthNut cookbook
7:49 – climber
8:48 – Montessori play-shelf
10:15 – Etsy print
10:46 – outro

Ikea white storage organizer:
Kids barn set: http://bit.ly/3u1Ukdq
Kids chalk board: https://bit.ly/3HPaAWM
Table and chair set: https://bit.ly/3YviTN9
Carpet: https://amzn.to/3Ydp6Nf
Kitchen set: similar style: https://amzn.to/3kZZIfP or https://bit.ly/3wQtgPH
Apron: https://bit.ly/3zeIY8b
Baby HealthNut Cookbook: https://bit.ly/3GiFxP5
Climber: http://bit.ly/3kWLz34
Montessori play shelf: https://bit.ly/3Jwh91Q
Toy subscription box: https://bit.ly/3Yxn4YP
Etsy print: https://bit.ly/3YkgODD

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