Tips to make nutrition SO SIMPLE & DECREASE arthritis pain with EC Synkowski

If you are sitting here watching this video thinking, “I really want to start making healthier choices with food but I have no idea where to start…” this episode is for you!

Join EC Synkowski of Optimize Me Nutrition and I as we discussed how to get started towards controlling osteoarthritis pain, controlling your weight, and reaching your nutritional goals. If you have joint pain, it is so important to find foods to eat that won't irritate your joints. In this episode we discuss:

The best 3 steps to get started with to make healthy eating SIMPLE
Is low carb or keto the best way to control joint pain?
Are you really “undereating”?
What is the best type of snack for weight loss and osteoarthritis when following an anti inflammatory diet?
Are calories the main focus of a diet?

And so much more!

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