Tick bites warning as woman waits 29 years for Lyme disease diagnosis

A woman who waited 29 years for a Lyme disease diagnosis is warning people about the dangers of a tick bite.

Pauline Bowie, from Clydebank, was bitten in 1989 and for decades experienced chronic fatigue, heart problems and joint pain.

She was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and ME, but was still struggling with her symptoms when she heard about Lyme disease.

“I was off work, barely able to get out of bed at times and it was just a throwaway comment from my dad,” the 54-year-old said.

“He had been speaking to a cousin of mine who was getting treated for Lyme disease.”

Pauline googled the virus and finally felt “everything fell into place”.

More here: https://i.stv.tv/3xF9R5m
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