Thyroid nodule treatment without surgery | Advantage of non surgical technique | Dr. Gaurav Gangwani

This video is about thyroid nodules, thyroid nodule treatment including thyroid surgery and thyroid nodule ablation. We have included novel thyroid treatment like thyroid rfa or thyroid radiofrequency ablation and microwave ablation. Kindly login to this video to know about thyroid diseases and thyroid treatment. Specially about benign thyroid nodules.

For detailed videos on this technique, please visit these links:

1) https://youtu.be/Akf71yEeyEM
2) https://youtu.be/pwjH0jP26-g

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00:00 Introduction- society burden of thyroid nodules
00:32 Types of thyroid nodules - benign & malignant
01:00 Benign nodules- which of them need treatment
01:57 Diagnosis of thyroid nodules
02:58 Complications of Surgical treatment of thyroid nodules
04:22 Percutaneous thermal ablation 
05:20 Main advantages of percutaneous ablation
06:15 Closing remarks
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