This or That Medical Exam ASMR (choose your favourite medical triggers)

Timestamps below. Let's play This or That: Medical Exam edition! Choose your favourites from a relaxing list of medical triggers including gloves, light triggers, medical exams and lovely sounds. Let me know which are your favourites - I might just collect the answers and make a video from them. Enjoy!

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00:00 This or That Medical Exam
00:26 Black gloves or blue gloves?
03:00 Clipboard or typing?
06:18 Pen light or Otoscope?
10:04 Eye exam or ear cleaning?
14:09 Eye chart or colour blindness numbers?
16:45 Tuning fork or spritz sounds?
18:51 Cotton bud (Q-tip) or gauze?
21:06 Doctor or dentist?

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Additional sounds from Zapsplat
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