This is War! Biden’s Nord Stream attack back fires as Putin demands UN meeting | Redacted Live

"Russia is calling for an emergency U.N. meeting over America's Nord Stream pipeline attack. Seymour Hersh explains for the first time why President Biden carried out the attack on Europe's energy infrastructure. He says this could be the thing that kills NATO.

The earthquake in Syria has totally destroyed parts of the country. Entire city blocks reduced to rubble. But western sanctions have dealt an even great blow to this beautiful country. Syrian journalist Kevork Almassian joins Redacted host Clayton Morris to talk about the utter devastation in his home country. Kevork has set up a way to help donate to the people of Syria.

He explains how you can help right here:

On February 6, a deadly earthquake hit southern Turkey and northern Syria. While most countries rushed to help the victims in Turkey, very few countries helped Syrians in their despair. Therefore, I'm creating this crowdfunding as a Syrian with Armenian origins from Aleppo to deliver much-needed funding to the humanitarian organizations in Syria, namely Souria Betjmana (Syrian authorization number:1069) and We Are Superheroes (French National identification number RNA: W751228993).

The aid will be delivered to Aleppo, Hama and Jableh governorates which were heavily hit by the earthquake.


Please donate whatever you can to help the people of Syria by clicking here!

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