These 7 products will instantly dissolve the Trombles in your blood vessels #health #food #clots

Today we're going to talk about foods that help prevent and dissolve blood clots in blood vessels.
Blood clots are blood clots that form inside blood vessels and threaten human life. When they break away from their place of attachment, the clot can get into the coronary artery and block its passage.
If medical help is not provided in time, death is inevitable. A blood clot in a pulmonary artery is also extremely life-threatening.
Many people don't even think about where blood clots come from and how to avoid them.
There are many reasons for blood clots:
sedentary lifestyle, diabetes, high blood pressure, varicose veins, unhealthy diet, and excessive smoking.
It is important to know how to eat properly to avoid blood clots and to get rid of possible existing clots.
It is necessary to remember that blood clots form from thick viscous blood and an increased lipid layer.
Therefore, the daily diet of a healthy person should be low-fat.

So, 7 foods that help fight blood clots.
The first product is turmeric, a spice that gives dishes a rich
yellow color. It has been used since ancient times in folk medicine.
One of the spice's main active ingredients, curcumin acts
An anticoagulant inhibits the activity of the clotting system and prevents blood clots.

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