The UNHEALTHY FOODS You Eat Everyday That Cause DISEASE & INFLAMMATION | Naveen Jain

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Prioritizing how to optimize your health gets more confusing by the day. With every study, every breakthrough, and every podcast, knowing which diet, exercise and sleep strategy and approach is best feels impossible.

Naveen Jain is the founder of Viome and many other businesses. He’s known for disrupting industries he has no knowledge or experience with. His approach to health and how people can increase their healthspan lies in the oral cavity, and everything that happens throughout the digestive track.

This conversation brings together all the reasons you’ll want to start paying more attention to not just what you want to eat, but what and how you’re feeding your gut microbiome. How food breaks down and metabolizes matters to how the bacteria in your body respond which are responsible for disease and health.

Eat to feed the bacteria in your microbiome
Food from one country can have an entirely different effect than food from another
Your stool and saliva predicts everything about your health.


“There’s no such thing as universal healthy food.”

“The nature of this ecosystem, it is so complex that when we change one thing we believe that's the only change we’re changing

“We’re getting closer and closer, but we are nowhere near understanding the human body’s complexities.”

“Antibiotics are only designed to attack bacteria and not viruses, [...] the more we take antibiotics it’s like throwing a nuclear bomb inside. It kills everything, good, bad, ugly…”

“I really believe that within a decade we’ll be able to solve the problem of cancer from the human body.”

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